Monaco seeks quirky nerdy lorem ipsum

You know all those lines of seemingly-random code that scroll in video games or films when a character is seen to be hacking a computer? Well, somebody has to write all of that stuff – and, for one currently in development indie game, that somebody could be you.


Help code some "code" for Monaco

Andy Schatz, spent a little time looking for “clever text” that he could include in his award-winning stealth game, Monaco. Not being able to find exactly what he was after, Schatz decided to turn things over to the audience, asking gamers from around the world to put their ideas into a crowd-sourced document that would eventually feature in-game as command line snippets.

So he created a Google Doc with all of the relevant information, wrote up some simple instructions, and opened it up to the public.

The result – which is still ongoing – is both amusing and inspiring. If you’re a coder with a sense of humour, jump in with your thoughts. If you’re not a coder, Schatz still wants your input – and will translate your words into pseudocode for the game.

Want to be a part of Monaco? Head to the Google Doc and go your hardest. Schatz is looking for goofy entries of less than 30 characters or so. Enjoy.

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