From Dust removes PC DRM, edges closer to PS3

If you’d been holding off on picking up From Dust until it either hit the PlayStation Network or was fixed on the PC, your time is nigh, if not already here!

Ubisoft has just let us know that the don’t-call-it-a-God-game will be arriving on the PS3 as a downloadable title starting on September 14th in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while North American gamers have to wait an extra couple of weeks, launching there on September 27th.

[img_big]center,2372,2010-11-18/FROM_DUST_S_001_Ground.jpg,From Dust[/img_big]

Meanwhile, PC gamers can breathe a little bit easier, as the developer has also released a shiny new patch via Steam to remove the troublesome always-on DRM. You may remember the kerfuffle that was kicked up over the topic. Gamers promised the release would require a one-time only registration, when the reality saw From Dust requiring an always-on internet connection when it was released last month.

Ubisoft apologise for the mishap, and reassure gamers that any save files hosted on the Ubi servers will be migrated to your local PC when you install the patch.

From Dust places gamers as the omniscient controller of a primitive tribe. Every move you make has repercussions in the real-time simulated world, and everything you see and interact with evolves dynamically. No two games are the same, and the experience is constantly renewing itself.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately the game itself received mixed reviews on release, with many accusing the PC edition as being a lack-lustre console port. Hopefully the new patch goes a little way to remedy that, or From Dust will go down in history as yet another game that failed to live up to some amazing potential. (Want to know more? Here’s our Blipreview to give you the soundbite version.)

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