6 Interview: Evil Genius (Gem Thief)

Classic games from the 1980s are definitely making a comeback on an all-new digital platform. Something about their charming, simplistic style suits today’s touch screens and retina displays almost better than the old-school VGA monitors and red-buttoned joysticks.

And while we’re seeing a resurgence of the old favourites, new challengers are popping up, vying for eyeballs and App Store clicks. One that we’ve checked out recently is Gem Thief, from Adelaide developers Evil Genius, featuring light-fingered miner Quentin in a setting that does seem a little familiar.

We caught up with Ben from Evil Genius while in the Indie Games Room at Adelaide’s AVCon, to chat about this vintage-styled game, and just how it fits into the Australian independent scene.

Even though Adelaide, South Australia isn’t generally known as a games development hub, for one weekend a year, the Indie Games Room changes all of that, showing off the latest and greatest of local talent, plus a few ring-ins from interstate.

Gem Thief is headed to the App Store reeeeal soon now – if you want to stay in touch with what’s going on, check out the game’s website, or follow Quentin on Twitter!

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