Gamers start swapping with Steam Trading

After a very successful beta run, Valve is pleased to announce that Steam Trading has now been officially launched. Finally, gamers are able to swap and exchange in-game items and unused game gifts.

Steam Trading

...a look at how Steam Trading works

Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve explains:

The addition of Steam Trading is the latest example of how Steam continues to evolve with new features and functions developed based upon feedback. We look forward to seeing how gamers and developers have fun and move this functionality forward.

As he suggests, developers are actively included in this new push – support for Steam Trading is now included in the Steamworks SDK for just about anyone to use. And why not? During the four-week beta, more than a million game gifts and items were traded between players. Sounds like someone’s onto a winner we never knew we wanted.

While the beta started simply enough with items from Team Fortress 2 as well as game gifts, things have expanded a bit for the full launch, with both Portal 2 and Spiral Knights joining in the fun, and other developers lining up to take part.

If you want to know more, check out your very own item inventory (you’ll need to be logged in to Steam for that to work), or perhaps have a peruse of the Steam Trading FAQ!

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