Diablo III MA15+ in Australia – release incoming

In a sure sign that Blizzard is ramping up for an imminent release, Diablo III has been rated by the Australian Classification Board. The Aussies, notoriously strict with their games classifications, and none-too-fond of blood, gore and violence, have approved the upcoming click-fest, granting the long-awaited sequel an MA15+ rating, suitable for gamers over the age of 15.

Diablo III on the Australian Classification Board

There you have it, folks...

Of course this doesn’t guarantee a particularly speedy release for the game – previous Blizzard titles have been classified roughly four months before release, which plonks this one smack-bang in the middle of New Years festivities for 2012, a not-so-great timeframe for new releases.

So – essentially – this confirms something we already knew: Diablo 3 may be out before Christmas… or it may be out in 2012. Either way. It’s coming.

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