Limbo developer saves up, buys itself

Limbo started life as a free PC download created by two people. It didn’t take long for the game to blossom, quickly becoming a darling of the indie scene. The development team at Playdead Studios took the humble demo and converted it into a standalone console release, which has since leapt from Xbox 360 to PS3 and – full circle – back to PC.

The Copenhagen-based company has come full circle, too. Starting as just a couple of guys, relying on grants from the Danish government, the business’s rapid growth lead to a hunt for investors and shareholders, companies who were prepared to throw money towards the fledgling Playdead.

…and now, after working closely with an investment banking consultant, the developer has managed to buy itself back, returning to its independent roots.


CEO Dino Patti explained to EDGE that it wasn’t all smooth sailing:

We are really happy about how it turned out even though the cost was higher than we had hoped. The process was very educational and this is a big step on our way to become fully independent.

Both Patti and Game Director Arnt Jensen have fiercely maintained the company’s independence – including self-publishing Limbo rather than signing it up to a big-name publisher. Their business ethic continues as Playdead works on its next game, which Patti warns could take more than three years to arrive.

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