Reset Glitch Hack enables Xbox 360 to run Linux

It’s always fun to make things into something they’re not. We’re guessing that’s why this bunch of French Xbox 360 modders have taken Microsoft‘s gaming console and hacked the motherboard to run a version of Linux (which in turn is used to run an N64 emulator and a copy of F-Zero X).

While most hackers have focussed on the 360’s optical drive, these guys – GliGli and Tiros – have instead turned their attention to navigating the console’s overly complex security system and accessing the CPU.

Now, they say, the Reset Glitch Hack means that any Xbox 360 can be used to load up homebrew software (FAT, Zephyr or Jasper), all while staying safe from any of Microsoft‘s pesky security patches.

Here’s a video of it (apparently) at work:

In case you missed that, the Frenchmen have set up a bunch of hardware to slow down the console’s processor, before “confusing” it with electronic pulses. The resulting glitch makes the machine unstable, effectively forgetting its standard boot-up checks and loading up the homebrew applications instead. GliGli points out that this doesn’t succeed every time – but if it fails, it’s just a matter of try, try, trying again.

Not a trick for everybody, this one takes a lot of effort and more than a bit of guts. It’s also not something that Microsoft will look at too kindly, and we’re not actually sure just how the police or other officials will react, either. If you’re interested, it’s at your own risk.

For more information, head to Logic Sunrise and read all about it.

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