The fate of the Galaxies is in your hands

As sad as it is, Star Wars Galaxies will come to an end on December 15th – but just how it ends is up to you.

Starting next month (that’s September, for those playing at home), the Galactic Civil War that’s been brewing will escalate further, now that the end is in sight. All of the current Galactic Civil War activities will continue, with even more events and contests thrown in to the mix, giving you more ways to bolster your side, by earning Galactic Civil War points and special advantages.

Star Wars Galaxies

Will you choose the Empire, or the Rebel Alliance?

Some time before December 15th, all of the Galactic Civil War Points will be counted up, and whoever has the greater amount will win the game – and the entire galaxy, as it’s known to that server.

The way the end of the SWG world plays out will hinge totally on this decision, as the devs at Sony explain in the game’s official site:

Celebrations will be in order for those who win and, for the losers, let’s just say they’ll be going out with a bang.

Airy-fairy, can’t make up your mind, fence-sittin’ neutral players won’t be ignored – there will be some new decorations tucked into the Storyteller system, so you can host your own shutdown events if you choose to opt out of the Final Battles.

Regardless of which side you’re fighting for, the time is now:

Suit up, grab your blasters or lightsabers, or get to your ships. Never before has taking bases or winning battles meant so much. Every kill counts now. Every moment counts. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands.

If you want to be a part of all of this (and why wouldn’t you?!), you’ll need to be an active Star Wars Galaxies subscriber on September 15th. For more information – or if you have any questions – head to the game’s official forums, they should sort you out.

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