The Secret World wants you to pick a side

More beta news comes our way from The Secret World, the upcoming MMO from Funcom. Originally scheduled for a launch last week this weekend, we’re reassured that beta sign-ups are definitely open now.

But what is The Secret World – and what is The Secret War we keep hearing about?

Unlike other beta sign-ups, you will be required to do a few things other than just entering your name if you want to be a part of The Secret World. Pick a faction – Illuminati, Templars or the Dragon – and join The Secret War, first. Of course, the nature of that particular battle is still being kept under wraps, but you need to put your hand up for it now.

(Not sure which faction you fit into? There’s no Sorting Hat, but there is a handy personality test to help determine things for you.)

[img_big]center,6437,2011-08-29/the_secret_world_gc_screen_5.jpg,The Secret World[/img_big]

Everything will become clear in the fullness of time. Both EA and Funcom have remained quite secretive (ha) about The Secret World, but it looks like the wraps are slowly starting to come off. Keep an eye out for this one, I have a sneaking suspicion it will explode, when we least expect it.

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