Mass Effect 3: FemShep's new look decided

It’s official, FemShep is ginger. The universe has spoken – or, at least, fans of the Mass Effect franchise on Facebook, voting not once but twice for their preferred heroine.

And now, BioWare has put together a pretty stunning bit of art designed to introduce gamers to their new queen – the default female Commander Shepard who will appear in Mass Effect 3, both in-game and on the box-art for the Collectors’ Edition.

Mass Effect 3 - Red-haired FemShep

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This new wallpaper has been created by Patryk Olejniczak, BioWare‘s new concept artist, and it’s been sized to suit a significant bunch of monitor resolutions.

I’d love to say it was a close content, but really, the others needn’t have bothered showing up. Red-haired FemShep took 19,576 votes, nearly seven thousand than her closest competitor – the surprisingly non-blonde raven-locked option, who scored 12,838 votes. It seems ME3 fans aren’t necessarily gentlemen, in case you were wondering – the blonde option actually came in last place, with 5,436 votes trailing after 5,574 for the brunette. Interesting, given that the blonde model won by a significant margin in earlier polls. Perhaps it really wasn’t all about her hair colour after all…

Mass Effect 3, starring new-look redFemShep will be hitting stores in March 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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