Playdead to take more than 3 years on new game

Danish developer Playdead has announced that you have plenty of time to work your way through indie puzzler Limbo – the studio’s next project will take “at least three and a half years”, according to co-founder Dino Patti.


Business partner Arnt Jensen elaborates, explaining that the new game – as yet untitled and undetailed – will use the Unity Engine rather than an in-house proprietary edition:

It’s like having a double product, doing both engine and game. And our next project is a little more ambitious than Limbo so there are a lot of things we don’t want to make from the beginning.

Limbo took the Xbox Live Arcade world by storm around a year ago, before finally making its way to PSN and Steam somewhat more recently. Now everybody can check it out – and it’s good to hear they’ll be able to meander through the dark puzzle platformer at their own pace.

As Patti observed to Edge magazine:

A good game takes time.

…both to create and to enjoy. Nice move, Playdead.

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