Black Rock Shooter set to hit Western PSPs

Let’s get one thing straight: Black Rock Shooter is actually an RPG. It’s based on a 50-minute Japanese animation (OVA), which itself was based on a song by Supercell. The game is currently available for PSP in Japan, and NIS America has just announced that it will be bringing Black Rock Shooter to the West.

NIS America producer Jack Niida explains:

We are delighted to announce Black Rock Shooter. This is a title that many fans have been waiting for and it definitely lives up to the hype. We have not finalized a release date yet, but we are working hard to get it out as soon as possible.

Black Rock Shooter the game features characters from esteemed artist Huke, with voice acting provided by uber-popular vocaloid Miku Hatsune. It’s set in 2051, nineteen years after the earth has been “ruthlessly assaulted” by extraterrestrials. The humans have had enough. BRS is created as the ultimate battle android – built for the sole purpose of saving planet Earth. With her rock cannon (firing 20 shots per second) and flowing hair, you know she means business.

Black Rock Shooter - The Game

Black Rock Shooter - The Game

…but is she too late? There are only twelve humans remaining on the planet.

Black Rock Shooter is a working title for the game, and no dates have been mentioned for either a North American or rest-of-the-world release.

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