New UDK, Epic says downloads are over 900,000

The latest edition of the UDK has been released, with Epic Games promising big things for this August 2011 release. The new edition features adaptive tessellation, material functions and a movie capturing suite – as well as a whole bucketload of other useful bits and pieces, like the oft-requested “greatly improved” editor start-up time. (As always, head to the official website for the full changelog.)

Epic also reports that the UDK has been installed more than 900,000 times to date – roughly 100,000 more than was reported just before E3.

The company’s been up to some fun, Unreal-related things, too. Japan’s largest architecture, engineering and construction firm, Takenaka, has just announced that it will be using the UDK as a tool for architectural visualisation and design. The company has previously built Tokyo landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Dome, and has shunned traditional design software in favour of Epic‘s creation.

Takenaka Corporation UDK showcase

Takenaka Corporation UDK showcase

Takashi Katagiri, manager of Takenaka Corporation’s Office of Design Management explains:

The quality of graphics found in games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was at a much higher level than what we had seen in VR presentations.

After conducting all kinds of research, we realized that we should also be able to render designs at a cutting-edge level of quality using what is commonly known as a game engine. Although there are many kinds of game engines, we chose the Unreal Engine due to its track record, visibility and high quality performance. Because we were basically starting from square one, it was also a big plus that we could download UDK for free and try it out ourselves.

For the full story of the Takenaka Corporation UDK showcase, head to the UDK website.

If you’d prefer to skip all the reading and just download the latest edition of the non-commercial engine, we’ve got it over here in our comprehensive file library. Don’t say we never get you anything.

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