Firemint's SPY Mouse is in the house

Rodents tend to be sneaky little creatures, so it seems fitting that we didn’t really know too much about SPY Mouse before it hit the App Store today. Now that it’s in the wild, we’ve learned that it’s a line-drawing game, similar in style to Firemint‘s previous hit, Flight Control.

The mouse himself, Agent Squeak, has decided he’s a bit of a secret agent, scampering through 72 levels full of gadgets, power-ups and deadly foes.

SPY Mouse is Firemint‘s first game since being aquired by EA back in May 2011, and it’s been in the works for more than two years. The game is unsurprisingly polished, packed with six unique worlds (each with their own “hench-cat”), achievements, secret levels and a whole bunch of already-planned updates.

How deep is the mouse hole? Let Agent Squeak, the SPY Mouse, show you.

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