PES 2012 releases first of two PC demos

Whether you call it football, soccer, The World Game, or simply “that one where you kick the round ball”, it’s the feature of PES 2012, and Konami would like you to try it out, even though it’s not quite finished yet.

Bucking the increasing trend, Konami is releasing not one, but two playable demos for the game – the first one is based on a preview build, and it’s available right now.

You can grab the brand new PES 2012 PC Demo from our extensive file library – and if you want it on console, look in the usual places, as it’s been released for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

[img_big]center,7916,2011-08-17/GERMANY.jpg,PES 2012[/img_big]

The demo is designed to give PES fans an opportunity to check out the game relatively early in its development cycle. Some areas have been refined, while others are still left quite rough, so that gamers can check out the new Teammate Control elements well before the game’s launch. You’ll also have a look at the Active AI features, much-beloved by the media but never really shown to the public.

Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, S.S.C Napoli, Santos FC and C.A. Panarol each have their own playing styles, and they’re all available in this early demo. Pit them against each other in ten-minute matches, showcasing the Challenge Training elements.

Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader explains:

We have spoken a lot about the new additions to PES 2012, and now we want users to see it for themselves. By releasing a demo for preview purposes, we want people to get in early to try out the Teammate Control elements and to see for themselves how the Active AI works.

This will then be followed by a second demo that offers different teams, and a closer approximation of what the final game will play like. We truly value the support and input of our user base – and these demos are so they can see how their help has aided the most ambitious PES to date.

It’s an interesting development tactic from Konami, who plans to release a second free demo in mid-September, which will better reflect the final version’s feel and gameplay. It will also feature ten-minute matches, but with an all-new lineup including Tottenham Hotspur, FC Bayern Munich, FC Internazionale Milano, Rangers FC, Club America and Sport Club Internacional.

[img_big]center,7916,2011-05-30/PES2012_event04_1.jpg,PES 2012[/img_big]

We’ll have that one for you too when it launches, but – for now – grab the first PES 2012 PC Demo, and see how you like it.

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