Theme Park set to open its doors on iOS for free

While the world waits less-than-patiently for word of one rumoured Bullfrog classic reboot, fans of the developer are rewarded by another coming completely out of left field. Electronic Arts has reopened the Theme Park, this time as a free-to-play release for iOS.

Shown off to lucky Gamescom attendees behind closed doors, the all-new Theme Park will be released – for free – by the end of the year.

Theme Park

The original Theme Park

Much like EA‘s other iDevice titles, the game will use microtransactions to slowly and surely empty out your wallet. Gamers use the ingame currency to expand, build and decorate their theme parks. More money is earned by featuring exciting rides and features, and the economy plays out in real time, meaning that construction can take hours or even days to complete, and daily earnings filter through once every 24 hours.

…on the other hand, you could buy up virtual currency using real money, and speed up the whole process for a small fee!

Theme Park was created in 1994 by Peter Molyneux and the team at Bullfrog Productions, part of the uber-successful Theme management series. Fingers crossed this one signals a return to form – I’d love a bit of Theme Hospital playing out on my iPad!

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