13-year old kills baby sister for interrupting game

Police called to an Oklahoma City hospital over a suspected child abuse case found something more disturbing. A nine-month-old baby had been admitted suffering intra-cranial bleeding, a skull fracture and severe brain injuries – inconsistent with her mother’s explanation that the child had simply fallen out of bed.

13-year old Crystian Rivera

Crystian Rivera, charged over the death of his baby sister

After questioning by police, the child’s mother admitted that the baby had been left with her son when she sustained her injuries – and the officials turned their line of inquiry to the infant’s brother, 13-year old Crystian Rivera.

Rivera explained that he had been playing video games while minding the baby, when his sister fell over and started to cry. He said that the distraction had caused him to lose concentration on the game, resulting in the death of his on-screen character.

Frustrated at the interruption, Rivera picked up the baby and shook her, before returning to his game. After playing a while longer, Rivera fell asleep and he thought nothing more of it.

Once taken to hospital, the baby girl was put on a ventilator, but died four days later from her injuries.

Rivera has now been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail, where he has been charged with first-degree murder and will be treated as an adult.

Source: KOCO, thanks to Brenna.

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