Sound Shapes to make waves in the music world

Sound Shapes is the working title for a new game in development for the PlayStation Vita. We first heard about it back before E3, and even then – before we knew the full extent of its capabilities – it started sparking people’s imaginations.

Now, with this new trailer, the game is starting to show its true colours. It’s not “just” the musical platformer we were promised (where each element and action creates music) – instead, it’s a pretty powerful little music-creation-machine, using the Vita’s multiple inputs to create something kinda amazing.

The ‘game’ is the brainchild of Jonathan Mak, best-known for his earlier creation, Everyday Shooter, released for PS3 and more successfully, PSP.

Sound Shapes looks set to carve itself quite a tidy little niche in the music world – particularly the chiptunes islands. Music fans who have attended live performances by artists such as Björk will appreciate the idea that this visually-modified noise-maker isn’t far removed from machines already being used on stage (see: Reactable).

[img_big]center,8369,2011-08-21/18551Soundshapes_towerlevel_2.jpg,Sound Shapes[/img_big]

It shouldn’t be too long after the Vita’s release before we start seeing this one popping up in clubs, venues and even festival events – and this time, you’ll be left with the knowledge that, with a little practice, you can do it yourself, with one game and a nifty new handheld.

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