Adrift will remember it for you wholesale

We all know what Orwell predicted for 1984, and now French developer Dontnod has looked a little further to the future, predicting the world as it will exist in 2084. Set in Neo-Paris, Adrift sees human memories being used as bargaining chips – bought, sold or traded – and if the real ones aren’t good enough, then you can simply digitise them the way you want.

A gorgeous new concept art trailer popped up unexpectedly at Gamescom last week, and from all accounts, everyone’s been blown away.

The trade in human memories is, apparently, a “simple extension” of the social networks and geolocation that we know today – we’re only a few steps away from accepting the new “surveillance society”. What would you give in exchange for technological benefits?

…but of course, the memory-based economy in Adrift sees a very small number of people receiving a very large amount of power – and this is how the game begins.

[img_big]center,8370,2011-08-21/ADRIFT_working_title_1920_1200_Concept08.jpg,Adrift concept art[/img_big]

“Remember you soon,” the game promises – along with puzzle solving, exploration and a little combat. Adrift is due out in late 2012, and we’re expecting to hear big things before then. In the meantime, check out the glorious bits of concept art, and sit tight.

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