Ubisoft unveils favourite games headed to Vita

The PlayStation Vita really is one of the stars of Gamescom, with Sony announcing some major news for the handheld, and various third-party publishers coming out of the woodwork to chat about what they’ve got in store.

Today, it’s Ubisoft‘s turn, announcing six games in development specifically for the new device. It shouldn’t surprise you that some favourite franchises are popping up, too.

Rayman Origins, for PlayStation Vita

Rayman Origins, for PlayStation Vita

Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer of Ubisoft explains:

With its processing power, dual tactile screens and cameras, PS Vita allows creators like Ubisoft new and unique opportunities to develop innovative games.

We’ve got a strong and varied line-up that will offer fun and immersion to all audiences of the PS Vita.

…so what’s actually in that “strong and varied” lineup?
Expect new, handheld adaptations of Assassin’s Creed, Rayman Origins, Lumines, Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and – wait for it – Michael Jackson the Experience.

Asphalt, for PlayStation Vita

Asphalt, for PlayStation Vita

If you’re lucky enough to be in Germany for Gamescom, head to the Sony booth to check out all things Vita, including both Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter Alliance. The rest of us are just going to have to wait.

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