Mass Effect 3 wants feedback on FemShep's hair

Recently, BioWare and EA confirmed that the female version of Commander Shepard would be playing a bigger role in Mass Effect 3, and that they were going to spend some time making sure that they get the look of the character just right.

Rather than sticking with the red-haired, green-eyed default FemShep from previous games, the art team at BioWare created six different possibilities, each with different faces and hairstyles, and got gamers to vote for their favourites.

Rather unsurprisingly, a blonde character model won – but that’s not the end of the story.

Now, BioWare have asked for your feedback yet again, they’re taking FemShep to the hairdresser and dyeing her shaggy locks. Want a raven-haired Shep? What about ginger? Mousy-brown? …or would you prefer to stick with the generic (albeit dirty) blonde? Here’s your choices:

(Click to enlarge)

To place your vote, head to the Mass Effect facebook page, click the one you like best, and “Like” it.

At this stage, surprisingly, the platinum model is firmly in last place, behind even her mousier cousin. Black has put in a good showing, but it’s redheaded FemShep in the lead, making many gamers very happy.

If you’re not fond of that response and want a different FemShep in Mass Effect 3, get voting and make a difference!

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