Teen gamer stabs great-grandmother with sword

A 15-year old boy has been arrested in the United States after apparently stabbing both his grandmother and his great-grandmother with a sword – just because they had both told him to stop playing a video game.

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(image CC Angelo González)

When the police arrived at the family’s home, the teen was “stalking” the front lawn of the property. Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller recalls:

He came out with a pellet gun and shot two windows out of a patrol car that was sitting there. He was shooting at us with the pellet gun and swinging the sword around in the air.

Local media reports the deputies showed “a lot of restraint”, refraining from shooting the boy – instead, a K-9 dog unit was sent in. The teenager hit the dog with his gun, prompting police to tase him before taking him into custody.

The boy’s great-grandmother was found lying in the front yard behind him, and declared dead at the scene. His grandmother had barricaded herself in a room. She was taken to hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

This is the third time this year the police have been called over the teen’s violent outbreaks – at least one of them involving a sword. Miller continues:

We’ve arrested him on two different occasions. Once in June where he had another sword, which is in evidence. This is not the same sword. He cut his grandmother on the foot with it that time.

The boy was considered to be “a danger to himself, a danger to his family and a danger to this community,” according to police, but each time he was arrested and taken to hospital for evaluations, the teen was released.

Despite his history, neighbours were shocked by this most recent outburst, with Pam Mayercik explaining:

I used to wave to the kid all the time. He seemed like he was a little bit different. He’s just a little kid with glasses and kind of shy.

Creative Commons image used with thanks from Angelo González.

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