PS3 pricecut, PSP remodel, more PSVita games

In further news from Gamescom, Sony pulled out all the stops, with an information-packed press conference that had everything. A price drop for the PS3, a new model PSP and of course, more information on the PlayStation Vita.

Let’s start at the top, shall we? The PlayStation 3 is now cheaper than ever, setting you back just US$249 in the United States. In Australia, that’s AU$349.95, New Zealand NZD$479.95, and Europe €249 (all RRP).

Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe says:

At Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, we’ve set an ambitious goal for ourselves to take the wild musings of the imagination, and make them real.

PlayStation is leading the industry in levels of connectivity, immersion, and individualisation of the consumer experience. There are some experiences that aren’t just exclusive to PS3, they are only possible on PS3.

Games “only possible” on PS3 include Resistance 3, which edges ever-closer to release and was shown off in this shiny new trailer, inspired by artist Olly Moss:

But that’s enough of the home console. Everybody knows all the action is in your pocket these days – and Sony is out to prove that just because the PlayStation Vita is on the way, the dear old PSP is not being ignored.

More than 71 million PSPs have been sold around the world, since the launch of the original PSP-1000 back in 2004. Now, we learn that a new model is hitting the market in November – the PSP-E1000.

This one’s only available in charcoal black with a “slightly different” aesthetic, and while it does not feature Wi-Fi access, you will be able to access the entire PSP catalogue of games. Launched at the same time, a whole library of PSP Essentials titles, retailing for a bargain basement price.

The "new" PSP-E1000

The "new" PSP-E1000

…but of course the Vita looms large over everybody’s head, with the release not all that far away.

Andrew House continued:

Of the many innovations PlayStation has brought to market in the last few years and months, one of the most exciting to me is PlayStation Vita. At our core, PlayStation is about games and PlayStation Vita is a breakthrough portable entertainment system that will thrill gamers.

Big reveals at Gamescom focussed on the social connectivity features of the handheld, meaning that gamers can be constantly connected via dedicated apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Skype – and it doesn’t stop there.

“near” is an app developed specifically for the Vita, which will help you find out if any of your friends nearby are playing games – or what they have been playing recently.

“party” is another new one – offering text or voice chat during online gaming, when friends are playing different games, or while using completely different applications on the Vita handheld.

And what use is a new console without new titles to go with it?
We all knew that LittleBigPlanet would be appearing on the handheld, but here’s a new sneaky peek at what it’s going to look like:

[img_big]center,8345,2011-08-16/18993PuppetCircus_Piano.png,LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation Vita[/img_big]

We also got our first look at some official release window titles, including Resistance Burning Skies, Reality Fighters (see our interview!), Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, and bits and pieces including BioShock, Virtua Tennis, and – of course – Call of Duty.

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