Trenched is now Iron Brigade in Europe

Proving that David can still beat Goliath, Microsoft and Double Fine have announced that the downloadable game Trenched will be known in Europe as Iron Brigade, when it’s released on Xbox Live Arcade in September.


There’s been a resounding lack of fanfare over the new title, with Microsoft merely slipping the detail into a press document from Gamescom.

Xbox Live Arcade fans will also be able to get their hands on Iron Brigade, also known as Trenched, which will be released in Europe this September.

Why the new name? Back in June, we learned about a Portuguese board game called Trench, an abstract little WWI project that had filed for the trademark back in 2007.

While we weren’t sure quite how things were going to pan out at the time, it looks like Rui Alípio Monteiro managed to win his battle, forcing Double Fine‘s hand.

Iron Brigade will launch in Europe and the U.K. next month, while Trenched is currently available around the rest of the world – exclusively to Xbox 360.

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