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Adelaide, Australia. It might not be well-known as a happening hive of games development, but for one weekend a year, the Indie Games Room changes all that, taking over part of the AVCon festivities to show off the latest and greatest in local talent.

While at the convention this year, we caught up with as many of the developers as we could, to find out what they’d been up to, and what was in store. First on the list: Chris Johnson, with his circular, experimental game: Expand.

You heard it here first – Expand will be finished some time in the next ten years. We’ll meet back here, on this exact spot, in August 2021, and chat about how awesome it is, okay?

The game itself has actually just entered a period of hibernation – with those gamers lucky enough to try Expand in the Indie Games Room among the last to get their hands on it for quite a while, as Chris buckles down to concentrate on some development work.

For more information about Expand, head to the game’s official website, or follow Chris on Twitter, where he’s @HyperNexus.

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