Interactive trailer explores LotR: War in the North

This is a little bit nifty. A brand new, interactive trailer from Warner Bros and Snowblind Studios gives you the opportunity to navigate both the past and the future of each of the three heroes lining up to take part in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

Pick your character – Elf, Human or Dwarf – and take on the wonders of Middle Earth.

The path of the Dwarf – masters of the battle-axe, ferocious in melee combat, few in Middle-earth possess their courage.

The path of the Human Ranger – wielding dual swords, firing arrows at those who serve Sauron – the strength of kings flow in their veins.

The path of the Elf, of the House of Elrond – even within the darkness Mirkwood, Elven kind has the power to restore the light.

(Incidentally, those of you concerned about gender equality in video games, we have it on good authority from design director Michael De Plater at E3 that the Dwarf is in fact a lady – “You just can’t tell with dwarves”…)

[img_big]center,6854,2011-02-01/WITN-image25.jpg,Lord of the Rings: War in the North[/img_big]

The presentation features “specially crafted vignettes”, offering a look at each one of the heroes – the ability to explore each one, and their surroundings, but clicking around. Each symbol triggers a new video, and more explanation about key in-game topics, as well as a look at the character’s history, preferred weapons, hated enemies, and the age-old legends which pre-destined their journey through The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

The third age draws to an end. In the frozen North, a mighty army assembles to destroy all in its path. We invite you to join the ultimate battle against the great evil.

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