Games make it to Google+

It’s official, games are coming to Google+. Realistically, when the new kid on the social networking block was launched less than two months ago, we all knew this day would come. Google explains that it wants to make playing games online “just as fun, and just as meaningful” as playing in real life – and it’s preparing to do so through a collaboration with developers like PopCap, Rovio and, of course, Zynga.

Games on Google+

Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.

Publicising this new addition as “fun that fits your schedule”, it looks like the developers have looked closely at what’s worked and what hasn’t for other social networks, and gone out of their way to try and avoid making the same mistakes. Heavy emphasis is placed on the fact that you can “easily ignore” the extra content – to check out the flood of games updates, you’ll have to check out the “games” button, while your stream remains focussed on the conversation side of things.

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President, Engineering at Google wants your feedback:

Today we’re starting to gradually roll out games in Google+. We look forward to making them fully available to everyone in Google+ soon. When you see a Games page in your account, please give games a try and send us feedback. Look for the “send feedback” button in the bottom right-hand corner of any page in Google+. Thanks for playing! Like the rest of the Google+ project, we’re just getting started.

Games on Google+

A sample of included launch titles

Even though there are some familiar names involved – and some familiar games like Angry Birds, Bejeweled and Dragon Age Legends, don’t expect to be seeing other Facebook favourites popping up on this new platform. Even though Google has invested a fair whack of money into the developer, Zynga is still bound by exclusivity agreements. I’m guessing we’ll see a bit more of that as this new challenger appears…

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