Mindscape says no more video games

It’s a sad week for game developers around the globe, as Mindscape announces it is moving away from video games – and software in general – after thirty years in the biz. Internal development studio Punchers Impact, Paris-based creators of U-Sing will be closed, costing 40 jobs.


Drawing on talent from EA and Free Radical, Punchers Impact concentrated primarily on casual games for consoles, but anticipated a big breakthrough with music title U-Sing. Unfortunately, licensing costs apparently took a significant toll on the game’s profits, so the company decided to try something else, next time.

That “something else” was Crasher, a racing game for PC. Again, Punchers Impact failed to really break into the market, something that contributed to its demise.

A spokesperson chatted to [surl=http://www.develop-online.net/news/38424/40-jobs-gone-as-Mindscape-quits-games]Develop[/surl] about the subject:

We had relied much on that game. It was not a success and was important to us that it was.


Mindscape is changing its entire outlook, as a number of executives leave the company. This is just one more chapter in a long line of disruptions, closures, buyouts, divestments and glorious re-openings. Who knows if this time will be the last time?

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