Resistance 3 unveils new map: Alice Springs

Just when you think nothing exciting comes to Australia, Insomniac Games turns around and reveals the latest in a series of multiplayer maps for Resistance 3, and it’s set right in the heart of the Outback.

Alice Springs, the “sun-baked dusty desert town”, may seem an unlikely choice for the game’s developers, but a quick browse back through the Resistance lore reveals that Australia’s actually played an integral part in that version of history.

For years, the land Down Under was a safe Haven as Europe fell, and it was chosen as the site of Avalon One, the giant refugee camp. Everything seemed great, until the Civil War broke out in 1952 – and the Chimera arrived not long after.

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It’s time for the last remnants of humanity to fight back against the invaders, and for both of them to battle against the elements in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world.

The Alice Springs map is apparently a favourite among the Resistance 3 team, boasting a small town feel and a whole bunch of tiny interiors designed for close-quarters combat.

The Resistance is continuing worldwide – and Alice Springs, just like the other 16-person multiplayer maps, will launch around the globe in September.

We’ve also dug up this newspaper from 1957 which explains a little more about what’s going on (pdf link) – and while we were at E3, playerattack caught up with Global Minister against Chimeran attack, Jon Paquette, to chat a little bit about creating the game and fending off the invading menace.

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