Star Wars: The Old Republic not region-blocked

The launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic is looming ever-closer, but you’ll still only be able to play it in certain regions, including the UK and the US, but not Australia, New Zealand or parts of Asia.

However there is some good(ish) news for gamers in those regions – if you’re prepared to buy the game overseas and deal with what is bound to be less-than-ideal ping, BioWare has confirmed there will be no IP or region-block applied to the game.

[img_big]center,5446,2010-11-20/k_lor_slug_2.jpg,Star Wars: The Old Republic[/img_big]

The news was revealed on the Old Republic community forums, by Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid:

– There are no plans to ‘region lock’ or ‘IP block’ players from the game. You may experience some latency issues if you’re not playing in a launch territory.
– Anyone who pre-orders The Old Republic and redeems their pre-order code will be eligible for Early Game Access.
– Those eligible for Early Game Access will be able to download the game client before it starts.
– There will be a period after launch day in which those who have pre-ordered will be able to continue playing before entering their Game Code. More information on this will be made available closer to launch.
– We will accept credit card payments for subscriptions.

Some optimistic fans are interpreting this as a suggestion that BioWare will be launching The Old Republic around the world at a later date, and running local servers in these new regions (including Oceania, which covers South-East Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand). The mention that “latency” is mentioned as a potential issue when playing on international servers hints that this is not part of the final plan.

Fingers crossed, and in the meantime it might be worth heading to your preferred games emporium (be it online or not) and slapping some money down for a pre-order. Looks like you might still get a chance to play it after all.

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