SOCOM 4 fans get early access Resistance 3 beta

SOCOM 4 was set to be something pretty special when it was released back in April – but then, that slight downtime hit the PlayStation Network, smack bang in the middle of the game’s launch week.

It’s understandable that if you snapped that one up quickly, you might have been left feeling, well, a little left out.

[img_big]center,5236,2011-04-18/SP_8_copy.jpg,SOCOM 4: This way![/img_big]

Fortunately for you, Sony remembers your suffering and the company’s gone out of its way to look after you, and to make sure that you’re feeling okay. SOCOM 4 owners will be among the first in the world to check out the brand new, very shiny Resistance 3, when the multiplayer beta goes live next week.

Mmm, PS3-exclusive shooting action, and you’re first in line? That’s nothing to scoff at!

The beta will include: Two maps, two multiplayer modes (of five), upgradable weapons, customised loadouts, unlockable character skins and a level cap of 20.

Resistance 3 early access kicks off on August 4th, and if you picked up a specially-marked copy of SOCOM 4, you’re in. The rest of the world will have to wait a little while longer – European PlayStation Plus subscribers get a look-in on August 10th, and international Plus members hopping in on August 23rd.

[img_big]center,4740,2011-04-14/SCEA_R3_MTA_HybridPack.jpg,Resistance 3: They’re waiting for you[/img_big]

…those of you without a Plus membership? You’ll be waiting a while longer, but Insomniac haven’t told us much more yet.

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