EA games still Steam-bound despite Origin

There’s been a little bit of downloadable drama this week, as Dragon Age II disappeared without fanfare from the Steam digital distribution service. Conspiracy theories abound, with most punters assuming that this has something to do with the just-launched Legacy DLC.

[img_big]center,38,2011-02-22/,Dragon Age II[/img_big]

And that makes sense. EA made the decision to offer the content through an in-game store, rather than using the Steam framework. That’s the sort of thing that breaches terms of service, y’know.

But Dragon Age II isn’t the only EA title to disappear from the virtual shelves. Last month, Crysis 2 was suddenly removed, which – predictably – leads to all manner of theories buzzing around. Given that this is all happening so close to the announcement of EA‘s new download service Origin, it seems a little more than coincidental.

[img_big]center,1422,2011-02-28/tactical.jpg,Crysis 2[/img_big]

Don’t give up just yet, though. EA CEO John Riccitiello has promised – in an investor call, no less – that the company’s games will still appear on Steam and other third-party download services.

We are pushing EA content on any and every platform we can. We love what we’re getting with Origin, but we are very keen to get our content distributed anywhere where gamers are.

Of course, the focus will be on Origin (why pay someone to sell your games when you can do it yourself?), but it’s nice to know that consumers will still have a choice in the matter… unless, of course, they want Crysis 2 or Dragon Age II. People hoping to pick up Battlefield 3 over Valve‘s service when the game launches later this year are feeling understandably nervous.

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