Driver: San Francisco requires always-on internet

Games developers and publishers are swayed by public demand – if enough potential customers rise up in protest (or support) of a feature, that can often be enough to prompt that feature’s swift axing.

However, it doesn’t seem that Ubisoft are listening, revealing that the PC version of Driver: San Francisco will indeed use the company’s despised always-on DRM, requiring a permanent internet connection if you want to play.

[img_big]center,1837,2011-07-27/DRVSF_S_008_ShelbyGT500ChasedByCopsLogo.jpg,Driver: San Francisco[/img_big]

Concern over the game’s copy-protection was sparked on the Steam game page for Driver: San Francisco, which mentioned that the game would require “a permanent internet connection to play this video game at all times”.

The news was confirmed by the game’s community developer, Mathieu Willem, in a conversation [surl=]on Twitter[/surl].

PC version requires permanent internet connection.

Preparing for the inevitable backlash, Willem then responded to a [surl=]concerned fan[/surl], offering an alternative:

Bear in mind though that the PC version of DRVSF is released simultaneously to consoles.

…PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers don’t escape completely, however – Ubisoft are implementing Uplay Passport protection on the console versions. This latest version of the online pass will require a once-off activation in order to unlock multiplayer and “bonus features”. The Passport will be included with all new retail versions of the game, but you’ll need to buy one separately if you plan on picking it up second-hand.

Driver: San Francisco is Ubisoft‘s first foray into the world of Online Passes.

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