Old Spice Guy spoils Gears of War 3 for you

Recently, we warned you to avoid looking up Gears of War 3 on popular video sharing sites, for fear of hefty and inevitable spoilers.

Today, we are going to send you to a popular video sharing site, sit you down and make you watch one of them. It’s for your own good.

@therealcliffyb is, of course, Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director on Gears of War 3 – and yes, as confirmed at Comic-Con last weekend, Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, does have a role in the upcoming game, as a COG Gear.

Bleszinski explains the casting choice:

I’ll tell you that we actually, on a lark, decided to cast Isaiah Mustafa, who’s the Old Spice Guy, as one of the soldiers that you can play as in multiplayer… It’s not a huge part, but we know him through different connections and he’s a great guy. We decided to make him one of the soldiers you can play in the multiplayer and he does a great job with the voiceover.

Now that we’ve (not really) ruined it for you, Gears of War 3 will be released worldwide on September 20th, exclusively for Xbox 360 from Epic Games.

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