PlayFirst closes Facebook Diner Dash

Flo’s attempt at world domination has stumbled, as PlayFirst announces the Facebook version of Diner Dash will be taken offline shortly.

Flo, from Diner Dash

Flo will be looking for a new home

The time-management sim lasted online for only eight months, and it didn’t take long for the gloss to wear off, as the game experienced a steep decline in popularity.

Flo (that’s the girl who’s dashing around the titular Diner) burst onto the scene with the original Diner Dash back in 2003. Since then, the game’s spawned a number of sequels, and taken over various platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, mobile phones, PSP, DS and iPhone – to name but a few.

The game made the leap onto social media in January 2011, peaking at 2.5 million monthly active users. Today, less than half of those players are regularly logging in, and the numbers keep dropping.

Things don’t look good for PlayFirst – today’s news comes just a few months after the revelation that Chocolatier, another uber-popular casual game from the company, would be closed down on Facebook.

Once Diner Dash closes its doors, PlayFirst will not have any current games available on the Facebook platform – it’s not yet known if the company will return in the future.

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