Mass Effect 3: Fans decide FemShep's look

BioWare has confirmed that the female version of Commander Shepard will be playing a starring role in Mass Effect 3 – and now, the company wants you to decide just how she’ll look.

Over the weekend, the developer uploaded six images to the game’s Facebook page, asking fans to Like the concept art they, well, like, in order to create the new default FemShep. The images show an assortment of different hairstyles and facial expressions, and proving that you can’t please all the people all the time, gamers are already complaining that the entire FemShep army invisioned by BioWare looks “too generic” and unexciting.

Mass Effect 3: FemShep 1 Mass Effect 3: FemShep 2 Mass Effect 3: FemShep 3

Mass Effect 3: FemShep 4 Mass Effect 3: FemShep 5 Mass Effect 3: FemShep 6
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One outstanding omission from the art styles shown is the classic red-headed FemShep who was standard in the previous two games. Rest assured, Mass Effect 3‘s Producer, Casey Hudson, has [surl=]confirmed[/surl] that she will be available in-game as a preset appearance, among other options.

In addition to choosing the new default #femshep you can also choose the old one or create your own customized look.

Of course, you can still import your saved character from previous games, with Hudson [surl=]hinting[/surl] that these may also be “tweaked” in ME3.

Mass Effect 3 is currently in the works for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, scheduled to launch in March 2012. To learn more about why FemShep is so important, and why she hasn’t been in the spotlight until now, check out BioWare’s first lady finally steps forward.

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