Dead Island gets new pre-order weapon on Steam

If you’ve been hanging out for a bit of zombie-bashing on a tropical resort, then you’ll be happy to know that Dead Island is headed your way real soon now – and if you pick it up on Steam, you’ll take home a handy pre-order exclusive.

The game itself won’t unlock for a little less than two months, but if you fork over the cash now, publisher Deep Silver will also give you The Ripper – an in-game weapon described as “A deadly combination of baseball bat and buzz saw”. Sounds charming, and looks even better.

The weapon is also available to console gamers at selected outlets.

Dead Island - The Ripper

(We're guessing it won't stay that clean for long...)

But wait! There’s more!

Pre-ordering the game on Steam will also unlock the Bloodbath Arena – a new DLC pack available to all pre-order customers regardless of platform. There’s single- and multiplayer content, four new arenas packed with endless waves of the undead, XP and items that you can bring into your campaign game, and yet another awesomely terrifying weapon – the Sonic Pulse Grenade.

The DLC will be released “one month” after the game’s September 6th launch – and if you’re on the fence about pre-ordering, you’ll be able to pick up the DLC pack at that time for $10.

[img_big]center,1544,2011-06-09/deadisland-all-all-screenshot-059-E3.jpg.jpg,Dead Island[/img_big]

If you’re particularly hanging out for the opportunity to beat up a bunch of zombies with three of your closest pals, Deep Silver has you covered there too – Steam is selling a Dead Island four-pack bundle for US$149.97 – that’s effecively buy three, get one free. What further reason do you need?

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