Bastion – slowly adventuring to PC

E3 darling Bastion has finally arrived on Xbox 360, as part of the Summer of Arcade 2011. Developer Supergiant Games isn’t taking time off to celebrate, however, revealing that the game’s also venturing onto PC by the end of the year – but PS3 gamers will have to find a new platform, at least for the time being.

Currently available exclusively on Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points, Bastion is something pretty special, but not without its flaws. Gamers take on a grand adventure, as they guide The Kid around a rich and imaginative storybook world complete with innovative, reactive narration.


And it was all created by a bunch of guys working out of one house, says Amir Rao, Studio Director at Supergiant Games.

We couldn’t be more excited to show the world what our team of seven people at Supergiant Games can do. Bastion expresses our desire to make games that spark players’ imaginations like the ones they played as kids. We hope it leaves a lasting impression.

But it’s partly because of that tiny development team that the PC rendition will take a while – the perfectionists are putting in the long hours to make sure that the default PC control scheme “feels really good”, says Creative Director Greg Kasavin.

It will still support game pad controls but we want to make sure folks playing with a mouse and keyboard have a very good experience.

Being a small team we have decided to focus on developing the game serially, so we focus on one version at a time. So our focus at the moment is on the Xbox launch, then we have the PC launch. We’ll see what happens after that but there are no confirmed PSN plans at this point.

So – while that’s not a definite no, PlayStation fans might just have to dust off the Microsoft box for this one, or hang around and play it on PC by Christmas.

To find out more about Bastion, check out our recent interview with Greg Kasavin at E3!

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