Zynga accused of stealing FarmVille code

Just as Zynga seems poised to take over the entire world, chinks are starting to appear in the company’s armour. This week, the casual games publisher has been accused of stealing source code from a competitor – the same source code that forms part of massively successful Facebook games like FarmVille, CityVille and FrontierVille.

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SocialApps, developer of rival title myFarm is suing Zynga over violation of trade secrets, breach of written contract and alleged copyright infringement – among others – says [surl=http://www.patentarcade.com/2011/07/online-farming-game-dispute.html]PatentArcade[/surl].

It seems that back in May 2009, the two companies entered into a Letter of Agreement so Zynga could acquire all intellectual rights and source code for myFarm, developed by SocialApps. and published on Facebook four months earlier.

Things started above board, with Zynga allegedly promising compensation for SocialApps‘ part of the deal, but as time went by, nothing materialised and Zynga started raking in the cash without sharing anything.

Now, SocialApps has had enough – seeking statutory and punitive damages from Zynga, as well as a permanent injunction and (wait for it), Zynga‘s profits and gains from FarmVille.

This will either get interesting, or disappear very quietly indeed. We’re not taking bets.

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