Still Alive, as performed by the voice of GLaDOS

I have a bit of a treat for Valve fans, today. Fans of Portal will claim it for their own, but it’s something that Team Fortress 2 fans will enjoy just as much, for a somewhat more perverse reason.

In this piece of charmingly hand-filmed footage from this year’s [surl=]Anime Midwest[/surl] convention, Ellen McLain – the human voice of GLaDOS – sings “Still Alive”, the Jonathan Coulton-penned tune from the end of Valve‘s best-selling action-puzzler.

…so why is this of interest for TF2 gamers? The gentleman on the right, rockin’ out on the banjo.

Despite what you may think, he’s not Cave Johnson from Portal 2. Rather, he’s Ellen’s husband, John Patrick Lowrie, who is also a voice actor. He didn’t appear in Portal, but he’s popped up in plenty of other titles – including Half-Life 2, as Odessa Cubbage.

Right now though, he’s possibly best known as the Sniper, from TF2 – the same game where Ms. McLain appears as the Announcer. How cute!

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