Passwords stolen in QuakeCon forum hack

Looks like someone was a little bit miffed at not being able to make it to Texas next month, as QuakeCon becomes the latest victim in the ongoing wave of hacking that’s sweeping the games industry.

QuakeCon 2011

It's okay to be upset.

Personal data – including usernames and passwords – was compromised in a recent “unlawful intrusion”, says a post on the [surl=]official website[/surl].

In recent days, a hacker carried out an unlawful intrusion of the old site, compromising usernames and passwords. While we have taken appropriate steps to protect the new forums from attack, we recommend anyone using their old credentials on another site to change their passwords immediately.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused, and suggest you migrate to the new forums — which will be live shortly — to discuss QuakeCon 2011.

…and when they say “shortly”, they actually mean “today”, according to id‘s Todd Hollenshead, who posted [surl=]the news[/surl] on [surl=]Twitter[/surl] a few hours ago. The clock’s ticking, but we suppose that tomorrow is an acceptable timeframe, too.

So – if you want to chat about QuakeCon, the annual celebration of all things id Software and Bethesda, you might just have to wait a little while.

If you want to head there yourself then you want to be in Dallas, Texas on August 4-7 – send us a postcard!

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