New trailer for RAGE shows off its arsenal

Everything that we’ve been hearing about id Software‘s upcoming release, RAGE, makes our fingers itch just that little bit more in anticipation.

Today’s new tidbit is no exception – it’s the thrd video in what will be a six-part behind the scenes series, and this one’s simply called The Arsenal.

Take a look as various id team members chat about gadgets, ammo types and the assortment of weaponry you’ll find in the wastelands of RAGE, all interspersed with even more of that gorgeous gameplay powered by the great new id Tech 5 engine.

Missed the backstory on this one? Check out the earlier two videos – The Legacy of id and The Dawn to get a better idea.

Basically, RAGE is a little bit of everything. There’s first-person shooter elements, plenty of vehicle combat, and a sandbox world just ripe for explorin’. All, of course, wrapped up in the revolutionary new id Tech 5 engine, which just keeps getting better and better.


An asteroid has slammed into the Earth of the not-too-distant future, and you’re left in a wasteland as humanity tries to rebuild itself. Of course, all things don’t run smoothly. Bandit gangs and enemy mutants would like to claim the planet for themselves – and thus, RAGE is born.

The latest game from id Software is due out in October 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – but before then, we’ve got another few behind-the-scenes clips to check out!

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