Agent Squeak is… SPY Mouse

Back in February, we introduced you to a “bite-sized” hero, the one and only Agent Squeek. The dashing little rodent then went deep undercover, and we didn’t hear from him for six months. Now though, he’s returned – with a new name: Agent Squeak – and a new mission: SPY Mouse!

Rob Murray, director of developers Firemint explains:

SPY mouse is a really big deal for us, which is why it’s been two years in the making. We wanted to get it just right.

…so far, it looks like the devs are on track, too! Here’s a (stylish, totally awesome) video to bring you up to speed.

Firemint is, of course, best known as the creators of Flight Control and Real Racing, but the Aussie company is now turning its hand to something a little more animal, but no less fast.

In SPY Mouse – the developer’s first game for EA – Agent Squeak commits himself to a dangerous mission of cheese “retrieval” – exploring the world, and leaving no crumb unturned.

Murray continues:

The game is simple, compelling and deep, and Agent Squeak is a fantastic character. People will be really surprised by just how much gets up to.

SPY Mouse

Agent Squeak!

Coming to the iPhone and other iOS devices in the summer of 2011, the fate of Agent Squeak is in your hands – so keep an eye out for SPY Mouse.

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