Space Invaders cabinet is very small, very cool

If you’re big on nostalgia, but small on space, we might just have the solution for you. A clever gentleman has created a teeny-tiny 80s arcade cabinet that will fit happily on your desktop – and while it might look like a mere mock-up, this one actually works, playing Space Invaders on the miniature screen.

The whole thing is just seven inches tall, and uses the electronics from a Game Boy Advance, a little MDF, some photoshopped artwork and perhaps the world’s most adorable joystick – take a look.

…the beautiful thing about this one is, of course, that while it’s been decked out to play Space Invaders, you’re not restricted to just that one title. It’ll also quite happily play your GBA cartridges, thanks to the Nintendo hardware.

Some of the design features are pretty innovative (including the use of strong magnets to keep the back on, rather than time-consuming screws), and creator [surl=]vcoleiro1[/surl] explains that he’s happy to answer any questions you may have.

We’re guessing the answer to “Why?” is very likely to be “Why not?”

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