Dark Horse reveals Valve comic book in the works

Tucked in amongst a pile of Star Wars-related titles, the 200th episode of Usagi Yojimbo, and a new interpretation of Dollhouse, comic publisher Dark Horse has a special treat for gamers – a 304-page book featuring comics based on Left 4 Dead, Portal and Team Fortress 2.

Valve Presents - The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories

Valve Presents - The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories

Titled Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories, this hardcover release is a bit of a surprise, but one we’re very pleased by.

Dark Horse explains:

For fifteen years, Valve has defined the cutting edge of video games. Now, Valve joins with Dark Horse to bring three critically acclaimed, fan-favorite series to print, with a hardcover collection of comics from the worlds of Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Portal. With over three hundred pages of story, Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories is a must-read for fans looking to further explore the games they love or comics readers interested in dipping their toes into new mythos!

And it all makes sense, really. It’s a convenient way for Valve to expand the universe of these three games, without alienating people who simply want to play the games and not bother with all of this “reading” rubbish. At the same time, people who want to know more, and explore the game worlds are given a perfect opportunity, without delving into the murky waters of fan-fiction.

Early reports on “The Sacrifice” suggest that it’s a well-suited follow-on for the L4D universe, with a storyline that perfectly suits the game’s atmosphere and violence. The offerings for Portal and TF2 have not yet been revealed, but as long as the authors stay away from slash fiction, we should be fine. (Anyone for a bit of m/m heavy/medic? no?)

With that image burned into your mind’s eye, I’ll let you know that the book is due out in November from Dark Horse (and, therefore, all good comic retailers – ask for it at your local store), and will set you back around $30. More information? Head to Comic Book Resources.

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