Kojima's new project: Snatcher-inspired radio play

Since 2007, Hideo Kojima and Suda 51 have been working on a secret project known only as Project S. Finally, after the recent release of Shadows of the Damned, the time is right for Kojima and Grasshopper Manufacture to announce just what’s going on – and it’s not what you might expect.

Kojima had been teasing a “surprise announcement” for the latest Hideradio podcast, but nobody had anticipated the big reveal of Suda 51’s Sdatcher, an original radio drama.


Snatcher is now Sdatcher, kinda

…no, that’s not a typo. Sdatcher is “inspired” by Kojima’s classic adventure game Snatcher – released in 1988 for the MSX2.

As for Sdatcher, we don’t know too much about exacly what’s in store. No cast has been discussed, and details on the plot are still under wraps. What we do know is that a whole bunch of big names are involved.

Hideo Kojima, of course, is the drama’s “planner”, overall director, and the creator of the original work (that’d be Snatcher). Satoshi Yoshioka is behind the illustrations and character design. Music is contributed by Akira Yamaoka, from Grasshopper Manufacture and Silent Hill fame, while the script comes from Suda 51.

We’re also not completely sure when we’ll get our hands on it – Kojima merely promised that it would form part of the 300th broadcast of Hideradio. The announcement was made in episode 296, so it’s not too far away – but as the episodes are not released to any strict timeframe, it could be weeks or months.

However long it takes, it might be time to brush up on your Japanese – I doubt this one will be getting a translation in a hurry…

(Thanks, Famitsu, via Retro Gaming Australia!)

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