DOOM producer announces Space Invaders movie

There are some …shall we say… “interesting” video game adaptations being thrown around Hollywood at the moment. Of course, there’s Mass Effect and Warcraft, and Uncharted and Heavy Rain – all AAA titles with big-name writers and hefty chunks of plot and lore to mine and turn into scripty goodness.

…but then there’s a game with – arguably – absolutely no plot, no characters, and no writing whatsoever. Space Invaders.

Space Invaders

I don't know if they even have names...

The game was first released in 1978 but experienced critical acclaim (and public adoration) in the 1980s, and it seems that producers Gigi Pritzker (from Odd Lot Entertainment and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (producer on Transformers and G.I. Joe movies) are endeavouring to recreate some of that success.

There’s just one problem – at the moment, just like the game itself, the film is missing a writer.

The [surl=]Hollywood Reporter[/surl] spells it out:

The video game doesn’t have a built-in mythology, so on one hand a film won’t risk offending game fans. Conversely, coming up with a captivating universe, especially for video game adaptations, is no easy task.

This is promising on one hand, but frightening on the other. I can’t think of too many people who’ll want to go watch 90+ minutes of row upon row of slowly approaching aliens – but at the same time, taking something so perfect in its simplicity and trying to shoehorn too much “story” into it could well result in something like di Bonaventure’s earlier outing – [surl=]DOOM[/surl].

…still, this is something the producer will have to contend with at least once more – he’s also developing a film adaptation of Asteroids.

In the meantime, Pritzker is taking a totally different approach – jumping feet-first into a film adaptation with plenty of storyline – Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi novel Ender’s Game.

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