Mass Effect movie to be discussed at Comic-Con

More than a year ago, we heard that Mass Effect was being made into a motion picture… and that, my friends, was all we heard. Until now, anyway, when we learn that the film – or something relating to the film – will be shown off at this year’s [surl=]Comic-Con[/surl].

Legendary Pictures, the production company behind the project (and The Dark Knight and Where the Wild Things Are, not to mention the Warcraft movie with Sam Raimi) has today unveiled its plans for the convention – and nobody was quite expecting one of those dot points.

Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series

Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series

Screenwriter Mark Protosevich and BioWare‘s own Casey Hudson (one of the film’s executive producers) will appear on a panel on July 22 to talk about the game, but that’s about all we know. It’s unsure whether or not either party will bring along a briefcase full of footage, or if the pair will even be discussing anything more than the theory behind bringing a best-selling videogame franchise to the big screen.

Still, a panel is a panel, and a few gems or tidbits should sneak out for the detail-hungry fans.

Keep your eyes peeled, [surl=]Comic-Con 2011[/surl] is held in San Diego from July 21 to 24.

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