Battlefield 3 will not include any modding tools

Speaking of mods, don’t expect to create any for Battlefield 3. Even though the game is being targeted squarely at the high-end PC market, DICE has officially stated that the developer is not including modding tools with the much-anticipated FPS.

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Why? The game’s just too complicated, says Patrick Söderlund in a new video interview with German magazine [surl=]GameStar[/surl].

As of now, we are not going to make any modding tools.

If you look at the Frostbite engine, and how complex it is, it’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game, because of the nature of the set up of levels, of the destruction and all those things… it’s quite tricky. So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.

This is disappointing news for Battlefield fans – many of whom were itching to get their hands on the new Frostbite 2 engine (and many of whom still intend to, regardless of any officially-sanctioned tool). Söderlund’s comments have so inflamed the modding community (just look at the YouTube comments), that it wouldn’t surprise me if modders took to his game with a vengeance, going out of their way to create new content just to prove that it can be done.

It’s happened before in EA titles like Mirror’s Edge (powered by the Unreal Engine), where the community rose up and created new maps for the game without any support from the publisher or developer, so I wouldn’t necessarily rule out seeing any mods for BF3 at this stage.

(…that is, if the frustrated modders don’t follow through with their plans to boycott the game over the issue…)

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