Double Fine's Trenched stuck in a hole in Europe

Double Fine‘s latest downloadable title, Trenched has been released to great acclaim around the world – but not in Europe.

A few days ago, developer Tim Schafer took to [surl=]Twitter[/surl] with a cryptic comment:

Sorry, I can’t tell you WHY Trenched isn’t out in Europe yet. That’s how these Mummy curses work, you know.

As for quite what these Mummy curses actually were, rumours quickly started to circulate. One which was shot down quickly on the game’s forums, included the notion that the game had been delayed in Germany due to the existence of a Nazi salute in the game.


…now though, we can reveal that the new XBLA mech game is stuck behind an old European trademark, held by Rui Alípio Monteiro. Filed back in 2007, the trademark was designed to cover Monteiro’s abstract board game [surl=]Trench[/surl], but covers games of all types – both board and video.

Interestingly, even though the trademark’s been held for four or so years, the trailer for Trench was only uploaded a few months ago, revealing a monochromatic gameplay board designed to represent the battlefields of World War I.

Trenched, of course, also focuses on military strategy and World War I, but takes a slightly different artistic approach.

[surl=]Eurogamer[/surl] reports that Monteiro has confirmed he owns the copyright, but says there is “nothing else to declare” at this point. Microsoft also declined to comment, and – apparently – Double Fine is still a little confused over the whole “Mummy curse” issue.

If a compromise cannot be reached, it’s possible that Double Fine may launch Trenched in Europe under a different name, but at this stage it’s not been revealed quite how developer, publisher and trademark holder will move ahead.

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